Year: 2020

Producer: Blade 9 Films
Cinematographer: Kenton Gilchrist
Scriptwriter: Timothy Law
Composer: Kenton Gilchrist

1 x Hero Edit, 2 x Vignettes

Is it possible to define a spiritual connection? With a universe of so many languages, are there truly words to describe when you know something is right? With your eyes closed you can see it. In the silence you can hear it. We have a connection to this land. A land that has defied defeat. A land that beckons prosperity and happiness. A land that welcomes travelers with open arms.

Here at Spirit Ridge you will find many things.  You will get lost in exploration. You will reconnect with ideals. You will discover peace.  And in the end, you will discover yourself.

Spirit Ridge. For those who wish to travel farther.

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